What happens next? 

If you chose to turn in your own form… 

Make sure it gets to your employer or HR department! You can do this by emailing it to them or handing them in person. To access Clair On-Demand Pay before your next paycheck, have your employer send an email to support@getclair.com to let us know they have completed the switching process. 

If you chose to have Clair send your form… 

All you have to do is wait until your employer or HR team responds to our email and confirms the direct deposit switch. If you find this takes over a week, try reminding them!

Once my employer or HR team confirms they made the switch, then what happens? 

Your HR team/employer calls or emails Clair and informs us that they have received your form and switched your direct deposit. When this happens, we will mark your “Direct Deposit Status” as complete and you will be eligible to start taking on-demand pay after you work. 

What if my employer or HR team never emails you to confirm?

You wait until you get your first paycheck on Clair. Even if your employer does not contact Clair, we will know that they switched your direct deposit once we receive a paycheck. It can take 1-2 pay cycles to change an existing direct deposit. Once we receive a paycheck, your Clair On-Demand Pay is unlocked and you can start getting paid whenever you want! 

What can I do with Clair while I wait for my direct deposit switch?

Start making the most of Clair today! When you download our Clair App*, you can activate your card and add money to your account - even before you have access to Clair On-Demand Pay. While you wait, you are able to shop online, tap to pay with your phone or card in-stores, mail checks, and more! We’ll let you know via SMS text and/or email once your direct deposit switch is confirmed. 

What happens if my employer doesn’t switch my direct deposit?

Your employer should switch your direct deposit within 2 pay cycles. If you have yet to gain access to Clair On-Demand Pay, check in with them and confirm that they began the process. We also recommend that you speak with your Human Resources department if you have one. Unfortunately, Clair cannot follow up with your manager to confirm whether or not this has been done. 

Can I send a portion of my paycheck to Clair? 

You can absolutely decide to send part of your paycheck to Clair instead of your whole paycheck! For example, you can keep 50% of your paycheck to your current bank to cover your bills and begin sending the other 50% to your Clair Spending Account. Just indicate the percentage or dollar amount that you would like to direct towards Clair on your direct deposit form. Your employer may follow up with you to confirm that you would like to send the rest of your paycheck to your previously connected banks.

My employer told me that they switched my direct deposit, but I still don’t have access to Clair On-Demand Pay. What’s going on? 

First, ask your employer or HR team to email support@getclair.com and verify that they switched your direct deposit. Once we receive confirmation, you will be able to access Clair On-Demand Pay after you work! 

If we do not receive confirmation, don’t worry! It can take up to two or three pay cycles for your direct deposit to update. We recommend that you follow up with your employer or HR department and ask when they expect for the direct deposit switch to be completed. 

Want the full Clair experience? 

After your first paycheck arrives in your Spending Account, you’ll be able to make full use of Clair, including larger amounts of on-demand pay! While you wait for that to happen, you can download our app* to activate your card, start shopping online, and pay with your phone in stores. 

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*Standard data charges may apply.