Method #2: Login & Update Your Settings in your Payroll Portal:

This option is available for anyone whose payroll provider allows employees to switch their direct
deposit without the assistance of an employer.

Directions for those using the Clair invite link:

  1. Hit “Get account info”

  2. Log into your payroll provider website. (Remember! Your payroll provider
    website is the place you log into to find: your paystubs, and W2 forms for taxes)

  3. Update your direct deposit to your new Clair Spending Account using the
    routing and account number.

    1. You can find this information by: logging into Clair app > hit the gear icon (found on the top left hand corner) > scroll down to the "Account information" section

    2. Click here for further instructions on updating direct deposits for common
      payroll providers such as: Paycor, Toast, Gusto, ADP, Justworks, Paycom,
      Zenefits, & Workday

Want fast access to the $ you’ve already worked for instead of
waiting for your next paycheck to land in Clair?

  1. Take a screenshot of your payroll provider’s website to show that a portion of
    your next paycheck will land in your new Clair Spending Account.
    Clair Care
    Support uses these screenshots to verify that your account is fully set up. That
    way you are able to start wage advancing as soon as possible!

    1. We are looking for a screenshot like this, that has (a) your Clair Spending
      Account number, (b) your Clair routing number, and (c) % (or fixed amount)
      of your paycheck that will go to Clair:

      1. Payroll Provider Screenshot Example.PNG

  2. Send your screenshot to Clair Care Support by hitting the “Email Clair” button

    1. Picture3.png

  3. Wait 1-2 business days for a Clair Agent to verify your direct deposit update. Our Clair Care Agent will send you a follow up email confirming your update & access to Clair’s On-Demand Pay, OR they will ask for additional information.

    1. While you wait:

      1. Download the Clair App here at the Apple Store or Google Play

      2. Activate your virtual Clair Debit Mastercard

If your Payroll Provider does not allow you to update your direct deposit by yourself, please visit FAQ article entitled, “Method #3: Send your HR Representative a Direct Deposit Form”.

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