Method #1: Login to your Payroll Provider through Clair

Directions for those coming from your work app:

  1. Hit “Start quick setup”.

    1. If your payroll provider is listed in your file, Clair will automatically pull up
      your payroll provider.

  2. Hit “Log in”. Enter the username and password of your payroll provider here.

    1. If you do not remember your login credentials: hit “reset password” on the
      login page of your payroll provider. Armed with a new password, try
      logging into your payroll provider one more time through your Clair invite

Once you see a “You’ve unlocked access…” screen, you are ready to download the
Clair app & start wage advancing right away! Find Clair App here at the Apple Store or
Google Play Store.

If you are having trouble with this method of confirming your direct deposit, please see
this FAQ article entitled, “Method #2: Send Screenshot of Your Payroll Provider to Clair”.

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