Method #3: Send your HR Representative a Direct Deposit Form.

This will inform your payroll provider to send any portion of your next paycheck to your new Clair Spending
Account. This form can be sent to your HR representative via Clair OR you can personally email/deliver this form to your HR representative.

Directions for those using the Clair invite link:

  1. Hit “Create form”

  2. Fill out the information requested.

  3. Next, select how you’d like this form to be sent to your HR representative. You can
    send it through Clair OR you can send it yourself.

    1. To send it through Clair: hit “Send to your employer or HR”

  4. Wait for your paycheck to arrive OR for your HR representative to confirm with Clair that your direct deposit has been updated.

    1. While you wait:

      1. Download the Clair App here at the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

      2. Activate your virtual Clair Debit Mastercard

After Clair receives a confirmation from your HR representative/employer that your direct
deposit has been updated, you will receive an email from Clair Care Support
congratulating you on your ability to start using Clair’s On-Demand Pay!

Worried about what happens if your HR representative never reaches out to Clair?

Don’t be. Just wait until you get your first paycheck on Clair. Even if your employer does
not contact Clair, we will know that they switched your direct deposit once we receive a
paycheck. It can take 1-2 pay cycles to change an existing direct deposit. Once we
receive a paycheck, your Clair On-Demand Pay is unlocked and you can start getting
paid whenever you want!

If you have waited a few business days and have heard nothing back from your HR
department or Clair:

Please reach out to your HR representative and ask if they’ve processed your form. If so, encourage them to send Clair a follow up email!

Have more questions? View Clair’s Direct Deposit Form FAQ

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