There are 3 ways to switch your direct deposit to your Clair Spending Account.

  1. Automatic Direct Deposit Switch: This option is available for most (but not all) payroll providers. Essentially, this option allows you to log into your payroll provider while still in the Clair app. Please be forewarned: if you find yourself unsuccessful using this method, we’ve found that this is due to incorrect login credentials (i.e. the incorrect username and/or password associated with your payroll provider account was inputted).

    1. Directions:

      1. Open Clair App > Hit “Let’s get set up!” > “Link your direct deposit” > “Change direct deposit Now” > “Let’s Go”
         Guru ticket 1.PNG

      2. Find your payroll provider and login using your payroll provider account’s username & password. Hit continue > continue > *wait* > confirmation that your paycheck “is now linked to Clair”.

        1. guru ticket #2.PNG

          1. If you were unable to successfully link your account, please try inputting your login credentials again. If you are still having trouble, move on to direct deposit method #2 or #3 listed below.

  1. Manual Self-Implemented Direct Deposit Switch: This option is available for anyone whose payroll provider allows employees to switch their direct deposit without the assistance of an employer.

    1. Directions:

      1. Take a screenshot of your payroll provider system showing that your direct deposit is set to go to your new Clair Spending Account and routing number.

        1.  In order for our system to verify this switch has been completed, please include the % of your paycheck or $ amount you will be sending to Clair in the screenshot.

        2. An example of the type of screen shot we are looking for is found below:
          DD Manual Switch Screen Shot.png

      2. Send your direct deposit screenshot to our team members at Clair Care Support using the email: with the subject line titled: Screenshot of direct deposit. Make sure to include your first and last name in your email.

        1. Example Email to Send to Clair Care Support:  “Hey Clair Care Support, My name is ________. Here’s the screenshot of my direct deposit showing that my next paycheck will go to my Clair Spending Account: [insert screenshot]”

          1. Screenshot of email to send to support team with DD pic.png

      3. Wait for a Clair Care Support agent to confirm that your direct deposit has been verified and confirmed. This may take up to two business days.

  2. Manual Employer-Implemented Direct Deposit Switch: This method requires the most steps, but it is a sure-fire way to switch your direct deposit into your Clair Spending Account. Keep in mind that Clair users will have to use this method if their payroll provider does not allow employees to change their direct deposit without the approval of a supervisor.

    1. Directions:

      1. Open Clair App > hit “Move money” tab on the bottom of screen > hit “set up direct deposit” > scroll down and hit “Change direct deposit Manually” > hit “Get direct deposit form f….” > Open up the email account linked to your Clair profile > find email entitled “Clair direct deposit Form” that was sent from Clair > download pdf and fill out the form.

        1. DD form picture_LI.jpg

      2. Send your filled out “Clair direct deposit Form” to your HR representative via email OR hand it to them in person.

        1. Clair will automatically update your direct deposit status after your first paycheck arrives in your Clair Spending Account.

        2. If you’d like to receive access to your pay faster, please send us a screenshot of your filled out “Clair direct deposit Form” AND  (a) the name and (b) email of your HR representative. Members of our Clair Care team will reach out to your HR representative directly to ensure that you can access your wages as soon as possible!

If you’d like additional step-by-step instruction on how to change your direct deposit with a specific payroll provider, please click on the name of your payroll provider below:

Don’t see your payroll provider but would still like additional assistance? Please contact your employer and ask them to assist you.

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