Typically, Clair will repay itself when your next direct deposit arrives. Clair will take back the amount you’ve wage-advanced (and not a penny more) and then put the rest of your paycheck directly into your Clair Spending Account.

Other repayment methods include:

  1. Using existing Clair funds to repay your amount owed.

    1. If the funds in your spending and/or savings account(s) are greater than the amount owed to Clair: please call Clair Care @ 1-888-HI-CLAIR to initiate a repayment.

  2. Transfer more funds into your Clair Spending Accounts. Do this by:

    1. Transferring money from an external bank account to your Clair Spending Account. This process can take up to 1-3 business days.

      1. You can find additional information about transferring $ to Clair in our app.

        1. Log into the Clair app > hit “move money” > “transfer to Clair”

      2. If you’d like to confirm this transfer to gain access to Clair’s wage advance feature sooner, please take a screenshot of your initiated transfer and send it to our Clair Care team: support@getclair.com

        1. This screenshot must include the following information:

          1. amount of $ being transferred to Clair

          2. the exact routing & bank account number the transfer is designated for.

    2. The email to Clair Care must include a written confirmation that you’d like to use this transfer to repay the amount owed to Clair.

Please note that a repayment of money owed will not reset your wage-advance limit. For example, if your limit is reached in this pay cycle, you still need to wait for the next pay cycle to gain access to Clair’s wage-advance feature.  

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