There are a few possible reasons why your transaction may have been declined, even if you have money in your Clair Spending Account. 

  1. The money was in your Clair Savings Account or On-Demand Pay, but not in your Clair Spending Account. When you spend using your Clair Debit Mastercard®, they money you spend is taken out of your Clair Spending Account. You can add money to your Clair Spending Account by clicking on the dark blue ➕ icon in the Home tab of your Clair App* or transferring your On-Demand Pay by clicking the purple box. 

  2. You put in the wrong PIN code. If you tried to withdraw money or make a purchase but it did not go through, try again to ensure that you didn't accidentally enter the wrong PIN code. If you enter the wrong PIN code three times, your card will be locked and you will need to call us to unlock it for you. 

  3. You've deposited money into your Clair Sending Account, but it has not cleared yet. If you transferred money into your Clair Spending Account from another bank account, it can often take up to 1-3 business days for that payment to be received. When the funds have deposited into your Clair Spending Account, you will see this deposit reflected in your new Spending Account balance found by clicking the Home tab. 

If you're still having trouble, get in touch with us.

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