Depending on who you pay, you have different options. 

  • Use your debit card. If you can pay your bills electronically, you can use either  your debit card number or your account and routing numbers (found in Settings)  to send electronic funds from your Spending Account. 

  • Transfer money directly to their bank account. To send money, click on the Move Money tab on the bottom of you Clair App*, and then click on Transfer to  Other Banks to deposit the money directly into their account. 

  • Mail a check to them directly. To send a check, click on the Move Money tab on the Clair App, and then click on Mail a Check. You will need to name the  person or company you want to send the check to and provide the delivery  address. Each check costs $2.00 to send. Most checks are delivered within 3-7  business days; however we cannot guarantee timely delivery because we do not send the checks.  

Banking Services provided by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC. 

*Standard data charges may apply.