Clair is dedicated to allowing users to gain access to their pay the moment they clock-out for free, always. In order to continue to provide this free service (and stay in business) we incrementally increase our users wage advance limit from time to time. Clair loves rewarding good behavior so check out these tips to see how you can become eligible for a higher limit:

  • Increase the amount of funds that go into your Clair Spending Account

  • Accomplish this by increasing the percentage or fixed amount of your paychecks that goes to Clair via your direct deposit settings

  • Transfer money to your Clair Spending Account from other sources like another bank account

  • Increase the number of consecutive paychecks that have gone into Clair (this one’s a big deal…the answer to a higher limit, may just be time!)

  • Give us your feedback via email: by sharing with us how much you’d like to wage-advance in between paychecks. This information will help us continue to improve our services!

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