Who is my payroll provider?

Your payroll provider is the business service your employer uses to send you paychecks. If you have a paystub nearby the payroll provider name can often be found at the top, in either the left or right corners.

If you don’t have a paystub handy but you have access to them online or through a mobile app, your payroll provider may be the business website or mobile app you go to access those, as well as your W-2 for tax purposes.

Some examples of payroll service provider names: ADP, Workday, Gusto, Paychex, Paylocity, Paycom, or Toast.

If you still are not sure who your payroll provider is, your employer will know! Check with them.

Why do I need to send my paycheck to Clair?

For Clair users to have access to their earned wages as soon as they clock out of work, their paychecks are required to be deposited directly into their Clair Spending Account. This is to ensure Clair is repaid for any early pay taken by the user between paychecks.

Where will my next paycheck go?

Once your paycheck is successfully set up to go to Clair, your next paycheck will arrive on the same day you are used to, but will now be conveniently deposited into your Clair Spending ccount. Any early pay you received from Clair will be taken out of your paycheck.

How can I spend on Clair?

Once your account is active you will have instant access to your virtual card, which you can use to make online purchases (Doordash, UberEats, online shopping, etc). You can also add your virtual card to your mobile wallet (ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay) to spend money at physical stores that accept mobile wallet or tap-to-pay transactions (most grocery stores, drugstores, etc)!

Once your physical card arrives, remember to log into the app to activate it. Then you can use it anywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted.

Can I pay my bills with Clair?

Yes, please find 3 options below:

  • Pay bills electronically, by using your spending card number or your account and routing number to send funds from your Spending Account. You can view your account and routing numbers in the Settings page in the Clair app.

  • Transfer money directly to another bank account. Within the Clair app, you can make an external ACH transfer to the bank of your choice.

  • Mail a check. Within the Clair app, you will also have the ability to send a check, for a fee of $2.00. Most checks are delivered within 2-5 business days.

How does Clair On-Demand Pay work?

After you work a shift, a percentage of your earned wages will be available for you to advance.

You can then advance this percentage of your earned wages after each shift, up to a limit between paychecks.

As soon as your next paycheck is received in your Clair Spending Account, Clair will take repayment from your Clair Spending Account for any early pay taken.

As soon as each paycheck and repayment happens, your limit refreshes and you can keep advancing after you work your next shift.

As a reminder, there is no fee, interest, or charges for these wage advances when Clair takes repayments - we only repay ourselves the exact amount of wage advances you took!

Can I send a portion of my paycheck to Clair?

You can choose a fixed amount or percentage of your paycheck to send to Clair with certain payroll providers (ex: ADP, Gusto, Workday). You can also always enter your desired settings into your payroll system or direct deposit form manually.

We calculate your Available Pay based on how much of your paycheck you send to this account. The more of your paycheck you send to your Spending Account, the more of your early pay you can access! We recommend sending at least 50%.