There are three ways to add money into your Spending Account:

  1. Direct deposit from your employer. This is the easiest way to add money and allows you to get cash as quickly as possible. To set it up, go to the Set up Direct Deposit page on the Move Money tab in your app.

  2. Bank transfer from existing accounts. If you have money in other bank accounts and want to move them to your Spending Account, you must initiate an electronic funds transfer from your other bank. Visit Transfer to Clair under the Move Money tab in your app for more information. To do add money from external banks, you'll need your bank's routing and your account numbers (see "How do I find my Spending Account and routing information?"),

  3. Add cash at select partner locations. We have entered into an agreement with GreenDot® Bank to allow you to add cash at stores you already use today. To find the closest location to you, visit Greendot will charge you up to $4.95 for using this service.

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