If you see an unusual transaction on your card that you don't recognize, we suggest the following steps:

If you see a transaction that is marked as Settled and looks like someone else without your permission used your card to withdraw or spend money, freeze your card immediately and request a new one by going onto the Card tab of the Clair app. As a precautionary measure, we also suggest changing your PIN code when you get your new card. Remember that you should never share your PIN code with others. Then, click on the transaction and click on Dispute so that we can reverse the transaction and ensure you are not charged for it.

If you see a transaction that is marked as Processing and looks questionable, wait until the transaction is marked Settled. Sometimes, companies place holds on your accounts (such as if you were to stay at a hotel, rent a vehicle, or fill up your car with gas) but do not actually take the money from your account. If the transaction ends up going through, you should first try to get in touch with the company to have them reverse the charge before disputing the transaction on Clair.