What do we do?

At Clair, we’ve created a new approach to banking that doesn’t rely on fees, helps you get paid every day, and helps you grow your savings easily.

Your Clair account is a deposit account at Evolve Bank and Trust, Member, FDIC. When you open a Clair account, you can request a Mastercard Debit Card®, a spending account, and a savings account that helps you grow your savings easily. If your employer's payroll system is linked to Clair, access 50% of your gross wages as soon as you clock out of work.

The Clair app is available on both Android and iOS.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to make everyone financially free.

Our core beliefs:

    •    Given the right tools, everyone can build a bright and independent financial future

    •    Finances don’t need to be complicated nor scary

    •    People fare better when nudged in the right direction

    •    Employees who are financially free, are better employees

    •    Great employers offer benefits that improve their employees' lives

    •    Transparency is the key to a FinTech’s success

    •    Fair financial services can be offered to everyone and be profitable